Coeliac Awareness

March 13th to 20th is Coeliac Awareness Week.

Coeliac disease is a reaction in the immune system to gluten. This causes small amounts of bowel damage, leading to the bowel becoming inflamed and reducing its ability to absorb nutrients.



It affects both males and females and people of all ages, however to develop coeliac disease it would already be somewhere in your family genes.


A large percentage of Australians who are affected by coeliac disease are unaware they even have it. If it is left untreated long term your body can lose the ability to turn off the inflammatory responses and start to damage healthy tissue. This can also lead to poor nutrition and nutrient absorption.


There is no known “cure” for coeliac disease, however a gluten free diet maintained for life can let your bowel lining heal and prevent symptoms from occurring. Talk to your local TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacist about gluten free products, supplements and medications.



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